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Touch has the power to transform our health, relationships within families and communities, and to build bridges across cultures.

 I pursued my massage and healing quest whilst working as a social worker in shelters for street children and abused women (1986 – 1992) taking courses in Reflexology, Swedish massage , Shiatsu and Reiki.   After completing my yoga teachers training in 1992, I travelled to Thailand to learn Thai massage,  to Australia, for a diploma in remedial massage, and to an ashram in India to deepen my experience of yoga. After the birth of my children in 1995 and 1997, my home based practice as a massage therapist and yoga teacher gave me the flexibility to embrace motherhood, whilst offering therapeutic treatment sessions, classes and courses.


This journey in body work has spanned over 25 years to integrate different modalities into a unique therapeutic treatment.  The creation of  different massage courses has  also evolved.  In 2005, I qualified as a Cranio-Sacral therapist ( with South African Institute of Cranial studies). inviting  a deeper layer of connecting, listening and holding space for healing .   In  addition, I draw on tools from Meridian therapy,  Kinesiology and Psych- K to provide insight for the transformation of emotions  and recurring patterns which often accompany physical problems. 


Making massage training accessible in the context of  community upliftment, and  providing staff support, not only to businesses, but also to NPO's  is another facet of my work which is  highly rewarding. 

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Ph: 021 7801131
Cell: 083 3646237
email: elainehackner@telkomsa.net

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