The purpose of this 1 X day workshop in 4 hands massage is to induce deep relaxation, rather than working remedially or on specific muscular tension.


2 practitioners work together emphasizing flowing, rhythmic movements to practise a soothing full body oil massage.


Level 1 is recommended.

Cost: R750 each

This is run over a 1 X day workshop and offers an in depth, deeply relaxing foot massage using oil or balm. Though not specifically working 
the reflexes of the feet, we acknowledge that the whole person will benefit, as the feet are a mirror of the body.


Incorporated into the course, 
we cover:

•  Benefits and guidelines

•  Tuning in

•  An introduction to reflexology

•  The use of essential oils

•  Working with stretches.

Foot massage can ‘stand’ alone as a treatment, but is also a wonderful adjunct and means of grounding after other healing sessions.

Cost: R750

Courses are run over 5 X 5/6 hour workshops and offer a sequence for practising a relaxing full-body-oil massage. The massage has as its foundation Swedish techniques, but brings in many other elements to make it a deeply relaxing, unique and dynamic experience for both the recipient and the giver. Although the focus is mostly hands on, the following aspects are covered:

•  Benefits & contra- indications of massage

•  Massage ethics

•  Massage techniques

•  Case history taking

•  : posture, grounding & breath

•  Developing sensitivity

•  Aroma therapy oils                                    





Recommended duration is 5 X  5/6 hour workshops. The aim of level 2 is to enable the student to work more specifically with their client’s needs with a special focus on finding and releasing restrictions. Massage skills are deepened to improve observation & sensitivity, Level 1 or other prior massage experience is essential background. We look at specific muscles and introduce more advanced techniques to relieve tension & stress. We also explore specific problems encountered during practise. The following aspects are covered:

•  Postural observation and assessment

•  Liquid body work

•  Deep tissue techniques

•  Finding and releasing restrictions

•  Releasing lower back & neck tension

•  Subtle healing                                                                                          

Cost: R4500

This is a full & intensive 1 X day workshop. It includes the back & shoulders, neck, head, face & hands, offering an exciting combination of intuitive massage with Swedish, Thai, & Shiatsu techniques. There is enough material to keep you busy for an hour. But if you only have 10 - 20 minutes, you will need to choose techniques to best suit your client’s needs; to give the most memorable and effective massage in a short time. The massage is practiced fully clothed & does not require special equipment; it can be comfortably enjoyed in any space. We focus on:

  • Alleviating tension in neck and shoulders - common areas of stress.

  • The head and face to relieve tension headaches and clenching the jaw.

  • Arms and hands to ease repetitive strain. Energetically it also helps to take neck tension right out through the fingertips.

  • Stretches, which create postural awareness, help open out the chest and deepen the effects of the massage.                                                          

          Cost: R1250

This 1X day workshop uses passive movements and stretches I have combined from a number of disciplines: Yoga, Thai massage, and Cranio Sacral therapy. We imagine the liquid body as we feel the ease & fluidity of the physical body & encourage relaxed, gentle movement – water flowing freely. We want to experience the + 67% fluid content of our bodies! The course includes:

•  Observation, and postural assessment,

•  Working systematically through each of the joints: articulating, shaking, rocking & stretching.

•  Locating and releasing restrictions to bring about balance and alignment.

This course forms part of Level 2, but is offered on its own even for those without previous massage experience. Liquid Body Work can be used as a complete treatment, or can enhance other therapeutic work.






Cost: R1250

1 X day practitioners workshop is for people with previous massage experience.


The workshop presents a flowing massage sequence which focuses on the special needs of pregnancy.


The following aspects are covered:

•  Benefits and contra indications of pregnancy massage

•  Common problems during pregnancy

•  Support and draping

•  Aroma therapy oils

Cost : R1250

Courses offered over 6 X 1 day sessions, enable the practise of the traditional 2½ hour full body treatment, based on ancient Chinese and yogic traditions. Comfortable clothes are recommended for both practitioner and recipient. Training in Thai massage involves:

•  Learning the traditional sequence of movements

•  Practising stretches with sensitivity and being able to adjust to the needs of different bodies

•  Massaging the energy lines of the body with palm & thumb pressure.

•  Warming up with stretches, centering and breathing so that students are comfortable moving and working on the floor.

This course is purely hands on and practical. Potential students need to be aware that practising a Thai massage is physically demanding and requires developing suppleness, fluidity and stamina.






Cost: R5000

This explores a massage sequence to nurture and support your partner during a magnificent special time of her life.

This relaxing healing gift to your partner is not only an expression of love, but brings many benefits which can help her enjoy a healthier, happier, more comfortable pregnancy.

It is a natural intimate way to bond with her and baby, whilst easing away anxiety and stress.


After the birth, massage can assist with your partner’s recovery.  


Recommended; 3 x 2  hr sessions   


          Cost: R750 per session

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